News, United Healthcare

News from Washington
* Congress Considers Options to Pay for SGR Repeal As April 1 Medicare Cuts Loom

CMS-Related News
* CMS to Host National Provide Call on How to Report for All 2014 Medicare Quality Reporting Programs

News from ASH
* ASH Provides Hematologists with Resources to Prepare for ICD-10 Conversion
* ASH Weighs-in on Maryland Law Regarding Compounding
* ASH Helps Hematologists Comply with the Open Payments Program; Download Free Smartphone App to Track Your Reportable Transfers
* Did you know ABIM MOC Requirements changed in January 2014 and the changes will affect ALL of us?
* ASH and ASCO Present Hematology for the Oncologist
* ASH Wants to Recognize Your Mentor; Submit Your Nomination by April 4
* Take Advantage of ASH’s Consult a Colleague Service