About Us

Alabama Cancer Congress was established in the fall of 2009 as an organization for all types of hematology and oncology-related providers who touch patient lives in the state.

ACC continues to promote education, advocacy, and a sense of community for professional medical cancer organizations.  We believe in this difficult healthcare environment that our focus is to advocate for excellent patient care while supporting the interests of Alabama cancer care providers.


To serve as a sustainable inclusive representative body of all providers of cancer medicine in the state of Alabama – promoting education, advocacy and sense of community.


  • Provide an outlet for continuing medical education of different types to help our members keep up to date with the latest in advocacy and clinical knowledge
  • Reach out to other cancer providers through our meetings and different types of continuing education credits


  • Mobilize political force when needed for providers and/or patients
  • Form relationships with congressmen and health liaisons
  • Build a comprehensive membership database


  • Understand the totality of care being provided around the state
  • Act on behalf of all the state cancer care providers when dealing with insurance companies, third party payers, etc.
  • Develop closer relationships between different organizations in the state representing cancer medicine (ASCO, OPN, ONS, ASRO, etc.)
  • Build relationships with other related organization (i.e., MASA)


Alabama Cancer Congress Board

H. Jim McCarty III, MD

John Waples, MD
Immediate Past President

Nicolas Sharp

Joseph Bornstein, MD

Stacy Ethredge CMD, RT (R)(T)

Scott Strickler, MD

Benjamin Jones, MD

Moh'd Khushman, MD

Michael Meshad, MD

Gary Walton MBA, PharmD

Christi Long, Executive Director